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Southgate Nursing & Rehabilitation Philosophy

The goal of the Rehabilitation Department of Southgate Nursing and Rehabilitation is to provide the highest quality of service to each individual patient who is referred for therapy in an effort to reach their highest functional potential.

The Scope of Patient Care

The patient shall be provided with:

♦ An evaluation of functional status and deficits

♦ An individually tailored treatment plan, with functional goals

♦ Patient education so that the patient may continue the recovery process when away from the therapist’s direct care

♦ Transportation available

Outpatient Rehabilitation Services

Whom we help: Adults of any age who have challenges with function or fitness caused by, fractures, joint replacements, arthritis, osteoporosis, balance disorders or other health issues.

What to expect: Recovery doesn’t happen all at once; it may take a series of visits before you’re back in the game. You can count on your therapists to be there every step of the way until you’re well on the road to recovery.

What makes Southgate Different: The specialized focus of Southgate’s Outpatient Rehabilitation Service recognizes the needs of all patients. Our caring professionals specialize in treatment of health issues and consequently will craft a treatment plan ideally suited to your situation. Our approach to patient care is very broad: the additional health complications that patients may have are taken into consideration when doing therapy. Our therapists’ extensive experience with patient care has made them more aware of the impact that medications and physical limitations may have on any treatment program. Come experience the Southgate difference!


Conditions Treated by Physical Therapy


♦ Fractures and Orthopedic Conditions

♦ Amputations

♦ Acquired and Traumatic Brain Injury

♦ Neuromuscular Injuries and Conditions

♦ Spinal Cord Injuries

♦ Respiratory and Pulmonary Conditions

♦ Acute and Chronic Pain

♦ Wounds

♦ Joint Replacement

♦ Mobility Training

♦ Therapeutic/Strengthening Exercises

♦ Balance Facilitation Techniques

♦ Family Training

♦ Neuromuscular Re-Education

♦ Home Evaluations

♦ Safety Awareness

♦ Posture and Body Mechanics

♦ Wound Care

♦ Contracture Management

Conditions Treated by Occupational Therapy

♦ Limitations following Stroke

♦ Limitations following Heart Attack

♦ Arthritis

♦ Progressive Neurological Diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease

♦ Alzheimer’s disease

♦ Burns

♦ Spinal Cord Injuries

♦ Fractures

♦ Vision Problems

♦ Cognitive Problems

♦ Comprehensive Home Evaluations

♦ Teaching compensatory techniques for losses of strength, cognition, endurance, vision, sensation, coordination and balance

♦ Recommendations and training in use of adaptive equipment

♦ Fabricate or issue splints to prevent deformity, improve function, relieve pain, strengthen weakened muscles or substitute for paralyzed muscles

♦ Training family members and caregivers in safe and effective methods of caring for individuals

Conditions Treated by Speech-Language Pathology

♦ Stroke

♦ Brain Injury

♦ Parkinson’s Disease

♦ Alzheimer’s Disease

♦ Cancer in the throat, mouth or esophagus

♦ Progressive neurological diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis

♦ Cognitive and memory deficits

♦ Swallowing disorders

♦ Communication deficits

♦ Expressive and Receptive Language skills

♦ Voice

♦ Articulation

♦ Fluency (Stuttering)

♦ Memory, Thinking and Processing

♦ Dysphagia Management (Swallowing Therapy)

♦ Caregiver training in compensatory techniques for communication and swallowing.

We care for them like they cared for you.

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